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 NaNO para e1 y e398

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Cantidad de envíos : 32
Fecha de inscripción : 26/07/2009
Edad : 27
Localización : Guatemala

MensajeTema: NaNO para e1 y e398   Mar Oct 13, 2009 6:43 pm

THIS MP is only for E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or only for ROKR 0A.02 only!!! Check you BL first!!!
Flash program recommended: FlashBackup (version 3 or above)
Tested successfully in E398/ROKR with BL 07.D0 or ROKR 0A.02

FW : R373_NaNO.49Rmod
Flex : NaNO_3nGiNe[GO!]
DSP : 6252A000

Phone Memory:
Free : 1225 Kb
Used : 8166 Kb
Total : 9421 Kb

-Royal Blu by Masta JithinSK
-GT3-Reborn from DarK Side Of Me by Masta P4IJO aka nalimen aka komplonk
-Motolovers Ultimate by Masta Sysmaster

-My Collection

-Based from Amazing Ultimate Font by Font Guru Zh@ng_L14ng
English 4 font
>Handell Gothic
>Niagara Solid
>Grixel Acme
Bhs. Indonesia, jawa, turki, Russian, habrew, Arabian
*AM PM not work with big digital clock (so, use Analog clock)


Java Special MOD by omnitriX, thank a lot mate
-iTunes_Simpley Update by Zigot, increase speed for access up to 10%
-VC 1.6 Standar, cut string code for decrease used memory heap
-OperaMiniMod Indo 2.0.5, optimized gprs auto attach access

- Abolish Alarm OFF from list
- Abolish control by illumination Java
- Access main menu everywhere
- Access to seem 004a from corelets
- access_function_from_corelets_10a_373_49R
- Add new simbol ± ² ³ ½ ¼ ¾
- Add elf folder on a/ and c/
- Alarm snooze5m
- Auto delivery report sms 1.18
- Autokeypad lock
- Autostart Java from DateBook
- Batt_indicator_expand_49R
- Bg in player
- Blacklist
- BT standby time 5 min
- Brightness
- Camera button 1x camera 2x videocam
- Cancelation check signature java
- Canvas access all key
- Change display timeout activity
- Change menu opcode
- Change menu sound,pic,video
- Change simbols order
- Change zoom
- change_time_event_Calendar_2min-49
- Changes the record format YY-MM-DD_HHMM
- Clock on SS
- Complete access to the file (Java,BT,OBEX)
- Dictaphone_not_pick
- diktophone_1min
- Digital clock
- Disable MCMR
- Discharge_tone_2x_49
- File2BT_Patch_for_saveas
- Fix_alarm_icon_in_ss_ 49R
- Flashlight star+star
- fontoperator_49
- Green call dialled & received calls
- Heap_J1100_C1496_49r
- Icon of alarm clock in ss
- Icon of received calls in ss
- Increase data notice
- Increase quantity autoredial
- increase_suites_list_49R
- Interval_1m__1m__1m
- Java black background
- Java full access patch
- Java with the cable works
- Keysound replace Battery Savings
- Miscall icon call in ss 49 R
- Mma skin 3.0
- MMS 1000kb
- MP3 bitrate up to 320kb
- Name and time in the list of the alarm clock FIX
- New recent call
- New_date_format1.07 49R
- No del call on sim change
- No sound volume 1.01
- NoJavaIcon
- Patch 6 fonts CG1_49R
- Pseudo Playlist 5.0
- Quick access sound & picture
- Redial in 5sc
- Reflect corelet in the list java
- Removal limitation system file
- Removal of the pressures of keys 112 and 911.fpa
- Removal unnecessary TF folder
- Remove checking safety and addresses
- Remove drm the protection
- Remove Java protection
- Send SMS on Phonebook leftsoftkey
- Set default Rsoft in web sessions
- Sort date or alphabet in animation
- Sound with a change in the loudness
- Store foto without menu
- System file
- The Illumination of keyboard instead of the indicator
- time_update_mod 10sek
- unlimit_dictophone_mms_email
- Unlock all seem

-Fix Running Tunes from Phone memory(create manual playlists)
-Decrease possibility reboot up to 91%
-Fix running all elf application from phone memory (87%)

- I'm modified portkit to make elf run from c/
[Read, elfloader, Lib.o from c/elf]
So, you don't need copy elf folder to TF to make elf work
Build by Libgen 4.4

make any changes in Elf runner (make category or edit directly
by phone). Coz it will make your elf runner unwork!
Elf runner just for run Elf Apllication.
You can edit it only manually by the PC.

Shortcuts keys:
- Menu + Menu : back to Main Menu
- Menu + Red : lock keys
- Your UNLOCK KEYS are Left Soft Key +5
- Menu + # : change ringstyle
- * + * : flashlight
- 0 + * : Pictures
- 0 + # : Sounds
- Camera button : 1x to Picture Cam, 2x to Video Cam
- Menu + 1 : Synerj Tool
- Menu + 2 : Personalise
- Menu + 3 : ELF Runner
- Menu + 4 : Phone Status
- Menu + 5 : Font

Alloh SWT atas segala nikmat yang diberikan
Ibu Bapakku tercinta, akhirnya aq bisa memberi (sedikit) kebahagian
Ndah ku yang cantik dan kusayang, thanks atas supportnya
Tim PSAK 2008!!! Kalian memang orang yang baik. Hehe...
Seluruh angkatan STAN 2008

Thanks To:
All motomodders, elf developer, java maker, Skin maker, DRM maker
kecap/MATRICE/wiro_sableng, are_goenk , Last1Left, Andy51, om2804,
Zh@ng-L14ng , Exploited, Valleo, HunterOK, YuriKudrin, , zigot,
Campanula , ZduneX25, Nalimen/komplonk/P4IJO, JithinSK, omnitrix,
tuyie78, motomaniacs, Alar30, G-Xad, enslaved_666, gie_lanz/ROKRMAN,
ronnee/d’useless, redkingmaster, adit17, oniech, montox, tru_kmy,
kenzonatra, rheezz, Ahn-jar, Mboent, Herry, Ozz, rahmattaharudin,
rotiQue, Seagate, zorvaz, iPunk, rOgo! dyrtys, yellow_azumi,
phaipunk_155, kurox, esakarim, NiKSY, pim_xxx, rockimoto, kurogane_666,
tegezan, erikuerimu, rokumunsen, setyajimoto, tx_brown,
prince_of_the_damned, rardia, juklitinov, dejayuzz, ianseventh,
keaglez, dustin_89, oddity, last.stand, penjaga_pintu_neraka, zorvaz,
shessoumaru, ary_co_19, de_sebastian007, imander_tempur, GEANICEV,
kondhil, tx_brown, lyldans, incubusholic, dreamteather, cauurz,
toko_anwar, a_i_z, sweet_wet_wet, cabernet_sauvignon, blankhead,
cupielozborn, dirgonafis, dre4m_the4ter, ebay_ladiesman207, gozzen,
harumsains, kiss.of_the_hell.005, zhil_motostudio, casey_the_lynch,
gozzeen and all
All motodding forum member on motohell, motousers, motolovers, motofan, motofunvn, and all.
Sorry if I Forget someone

- Phone Unlock Code: 1234
- Phone Security Code: 000000
For safety, To Delete, Move, Copy, or Assign to Categories for files on
Sound, Pictures, and have to Mark the file first with
button 0
- If the iTunes doesn't load correctly, please delete iTunes folder on TF.
iTunes and VirtualCorelet in the list of java are only the trigger to
load corelet. To use the corelet, use menu Corelet in Multimedia.
- Sorry if i grabbed your masterpiece without permission
- Press red button once, on your desktop to make autolock work

Wedeeew! :-S
Kok masih ngebugs lagi?!?!?
Ya mau gimana lagi. Cm nubie.......
Adanya salah terus..........


Moga Saya dan Teman2 semua sukses dan banyak beruntung.

Modded In Kebumen,
lagi nunggu penempatan
V rotkeS oratniB
arageN isnatnukA iggniT halokeS
Class 3L-34 GovAcc

8 oN agnaneK gang


Extradida de motohell
Creditos a sus geniales autores.
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NaNO para e1 y e398
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